Camellia marching band festival


The Camellia Marching Band Festival will operate as both a Festival and Clinic for your band. This event will have a 3-judge panel for band adjudication. In addition to our 3-judge panel, we will have an additional judge observe your band and give an educational clinic following your band performance. There will also be a percussion judge, a majorette/dance judge, colorguard judge and a drum major judge.

The festival registration will close after the deadline of <<to be posted at a later date>> or when festival reaches capacity.

Trophies will be awarded for bands, percussion, color guard, drum major, dance, and majorette who receive superior ratings.

If you have any questions regarding our event, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to seeing you on September 30, 2023.

General Information

The gate fee is <<to be posted at a later date>> for adults and must be purchased on GoFan. Children 5 and under are free.

There is no fee for parking.

The concession stand and food truck vendors will be open.

Arts Music will be available on site for any emergency repairs.

Pay Gate Fee Online (

New Gate Fee Policy: Card and Mobile Payment Only with GoFan

New this year, Marbury High School is pleased to announce that we will be using GoFan for gate fees for the Camellia Marching Band Festival. Fans can pay their gate fee online through the Marbury High School GoFan page. All major credit cards are accepted, along with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Fans are encouraged to pay gate fees online prior to reaching the facility. For your convenience, signage will be set up at the venue to help fans navigate an online purchase quickly and easily.

To pay your gate fee, please visit our GoFan page: <<to be posted at a later date>>

Date and Location

On September 30, 2023, the Marbury High School band boosters will host the Camellia Marching Band Festival. The event will be held at Marbury High School, located approximately 20 miles North of Montgomery, AL.

Address: 2360 US Hwy 31, Deatsville, AL 36022

Performance Times

<<to be posted at a later date>>

Venue Layout

Bus Entrance (Tent A)

  • Upon arrival, buses will stop at Tent A to receive a packet of information including wrist bands for admission.

  • Buses should drive to the end of the road, turn around in the circle, come back toward the entrance to park on the curb.

  • There’s a separate entrance and designated parking area for vehicles/trailers containing equipment.

  • Spectators should be directed to the Spectator Parking area.

Gate A

  • Only band members and directors should enter and exit gate A and should show wrist band upon entry.

  • Bands will be directed to their designated warm up area if it is their time to do so or to the stands if they arrive early.

Gate B

  • Spectators will enter through this gate.

  • The gate fee is <<to be posted at a later date>> for adults and must be purchased on GoFan; children 5 and younger are admitted for free.

Warm Up Areas A and B

  • At their designated time, bands will be directed to the warm up area and will be asked to face the wooded area so the sound will not interfere with performing bands. See the performance schedule for your assigned warm up area.

Water Stations

  • Bands are encouraged to visit water station A to get drinking water prior to their performance and water station B after performance.

Field Gate 1

  • Bands will enter this gate to take the field for their performance.

Field Gate 2

  • Bands will exit this gate after their performance and will go to Clinic in the gym.

Field Gate 3

  • Volunteers will bring props and pit equipment onto the field through this gate.

Clinic (Gym)

  • After performing, bands will go to Clinic in the gym.

Gate C

  • After the Clinic, bands should re-enter the stadium through Gate C.

Shout Out Table

  • Spectators can purchase “shout out” messages for $1 each.

Hospitality Room

  • Directors, Staff, Judges, and Bus Drivers are welcome in the hospitality room where snacks will be available. Wrist bands will be given.

Food Trucks and Concession will be open from 10:00AM until festival ends

Arts Music

  • Will be available on site for EMERGENCY repairs

Press Box

  • The press box will be open to judges and Camellia Festival personnel only. No directors, staff, parents, or students will be allowed in the press box.

Seating chart

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Spectators should sit in the general admission (GA) area.

Exhibition Band

<<to be posted at a later date>>







Drum Major:





  • The competition field will be the size and shape of a regulation football field with five and ten-yard lines, hash marks (53’4”), and sidelines clearly marked. There is a fence enclosing the field.

  • Bands will be classified according to the number of wind instrument players.

Class A.................up to 15 Winds

Class AA.............. 16- 30 Winds

Class AAA............ 31 -45 Winds

Class AAAA......... 46+ Winds

*Due the size of our venue. We are unable to take bands with more than 100 members at this time.

    • Bands are scheduled at 10-20 minute intervals.

    • All bands must perform in uniform. All band and auxiliary officers who will participate in the awards ceremony must be in uniform. Officers are to line up on the front hash mark. No other student will be permitted on the field.

Point Spread for Contest Scoring

*Class A & AA

Superior: 70 – 100

Excellent: 69 and Below

*Class AAA & Above

Superior: 75 – 100

Excellent: 74 and Below

  • No director, parent, or student from any participating band will be allowed in the press box.

  • Chaperones will be admitted free at the ratio of 1 chaperone per 10 students. Performing students will receive wrist bands at bus parking. Each band will receive staff wrist bands for directors and staff.

  • At the conclusion of the ceremony, all band members, parents, etc., who are not involved in the awards presentation must not enter the field area. Do not allow your students to climb the fence onto the field. This is not only for the safety of everyone, but also to preserve the dignity of those students accepting trophies for their bands.

  • Comment sheets and recordings can be picked up in the pressbox immediately after the awards ceremony.

  • FIREWORKS ARE PROHIBITED: fire batons are OK to use for this festival but bands are responsible for the required gear to extinguish.

  • The Marbury High School campus (including the stadium) is a TOBACCO FREE CAMPUS.

Inclement Weather Plans

If for any reason the festival is canceled, schools have the option to defer their payment to next year‘s festival or receive a refund. Updates to our website will reflect cancellations if weather is severe.

If for any reason weather permits us from marching we will be transitioning to a Music performance assessment format, which will take place indoors in the gym. Auxiliary units and bands will be assessed on routines/music in a stationary stand still position.

Student Festival Jobs

<<to be posted at a later date>>

Concession Stand Menu

<<to be posted at a later date>>